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Luca Magrini Studio is an expert in personalized international assistance, thanks to experienced partners who boast university experiences in Economy and International Law.

The Studio’s headquarters is located in Lugano (Switzerland) in Piazza della Riforma, where we specialize in the trust, registration and  approval of Onshore and Offshore Companies,  International trusts of Private Law and Trusts all over the world (i.e. Delaware,  British Virgin Islands, Panama, Belize and others), as well as assistance in opening bank accounts in leading international banking institutions.

Luca Magrini Studio offers customized services, providing the best value for the money, guaranteeing a high level of professionalism and privacy protection and identifying the best solutions for your Business.

Luca Magrini Studio follows adequate and internationally approved procedures and registers, offering the right guarantee on the quality of the given service, safeguarding the customers.

For this reason they adopt the activity known as “due diligence” to verify financial, patrimonial, administrative and economic information, in order to agree upon feasibility or criticality related to objectives and opportunities.

The philological principle that guides Luca Magrini Studio is explicitly related to the culture of Legality and Professional Ethic.




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