Banking Accounts in Switzerland

Luca Magrini Studio can help you open a bank account in Switzerland fast and in an easy way, thanks to grown and consolidated relationships with the leading Swiss Banking Institutions.

With our assistance it is possible to activate banking accounts both for private citizens and companies, guaranteeing a suitable Privacy level in the processing of personal data and the best professionalism in the selection of the right Banks to protect your profits.

It is possible to activate banking accounts in Switzerland even without being a resident, and thanks to the Internet Banking services and the use of appropriate credit/debit cards you can manage your accounts very easily.

The Swiss banking system wasn’t affected by the Global financial crisis, reason why the country is a safe place to deposit your savings, far away from bad surprises that worry International investors on a daily basis.

The managing costs for the maintenance and handling of the banking accounts are in line with those of European Banks; moreover, they are part of the SEPA circuit, and with IBAN you can rapidly make bank transfers all over Europe and the World.
Conti Correnti in Svizzera