International Market

A simple way of judging the value of a country is to see how many want to visit and how many want to leave. 
Luca Magrini

A company that wants to start their business nowadays has to engage in newer processes and see the bigger picture; therefore, it requires a scientific growth, an international mindset, while remaining competitive in the World Market at the same time.

A business owner who wants to open to the world often wonders what the best ways of approaching and expanding to international markets are; however, they aren’t always in the best conditions to judge.

The Services of research and development allow to start a process, through which they establish medium/long term objectives, and suitable actions to accomplish the best results, arranging means and routes (strategies).

The goal of Luca Magrini Studio is to offer personalized assistance in all the steps of access and/or development in the international market, thanks to trusted and reliable partners who guarantee continuity in all the steps towards internationalization.

We create synergy between the distribution nets, overseas partnerships with development plans in developing countries, widening the possibility for multicultural business relationships.