Luca Magrini Studio is an expert in the foundation, registration and  approval of International trusts of Private Law, for the protection of personal and Corporate Assets.

For those who want to protect their assets with a guaranteed high level of anonymity, we offer highly qualified assistance for the establishment of trusts in Panama or Luxembourg.

A private trust is similar to the famous Trusts of the British law, structures aimed at managing assets and goods according to the wishes of Founders - Recipients - Trustees, as mentioned in the Charter.

It’s important to highlight the high level of anonymity of the recipients associated with trusts in Panama or Luxembourg, with the election of designated executive directors.

Luca Magrini Studio offers an accurate personalized preliminary research and development service, whose goal is to evaluate the specific needs in order to obtain the foundation - registration - approval of a trust of Private Law in Panama or Luxembourg.

On request we can provide accessory services to increase the Privacy level.